How do you select the best Hearing Aid for yourself

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid for Yourself?

The hearing aid is a small electronic device that helps in dealing with hearing problems of people. The act of hearing is often taken for granted by all of us, but when you lose this sense is when you understand and appreciate its importance. The presence of hearing aids enables and improves the quality of life for all people with different types of hearing loss. 

The usual hearing aid is the one that picks up sounds, amplifies the signal, and transfers them to the ear. This is then added along with the batteries that will ensure its constant functioning. With more and more people needing aid in hearing, there are various types of them in the market. There are rechargeable hearing aids that work for a set duration of time and could be recharged back for more. The Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are a recent addition to the collection.

A deep understanding of hearing aids and their functionalities will help in choosing one. The extent of your hearing loss, and the style of the aid you need all have to be considered before making the purchase. 

Hearing aids and hearing loss

The presence of a hearing aid is sure a boon to people with any type of hearing problem. The element of the microphone present will pick up sounds, the chip is the one that amplifies the obtained signal which will then be sent to the ear. The severity of the hearing loss of the person is the deciding factor on the aids. For people with severe hearing loss, there are hearing aids that have a longer battery life so that their quality of life is not compromised.

Types of hearing aids

It is important to understand that all the manufacturers of hearing aid companies are constantly striving to come up with varieties of aids that will suit best for the vast majority of people. The different types and sizes are sure confusing to choose from and serve different and unique purposes. So it is important to understand the spectrum and availability of the variety to choose the perfect fit for yourself. Hearing aid batteries are an accompanied asset along with the aid. So let us discuss the different types of hearing aids available for you to choose from for improving your hearing. 

1. Invicible in the canal (IIC)

This model is designed to help improve mild to moderate hearing loss. The aid will completely be placed in the ear canal and is the smallest of the entire type and spectrum. The fact that it isn’t visible is very much welcomed. But there is an advantage of lower battery life and generally getting hard to manage. Usually, there can be added trouble with these hearing aids getting clogged because of the ear wax. Rechargeable hearing aids in this category are not available at the moment.

2. Completely in the Canal (CIC)

This one is the next type of hearing aid which is customized versions and is right in the canal. Much like the IIC, this is also highly susceptible to clogging. The small sizing makes it easy to insert but extremely difficult to adjust. This is seen to improve mild to severe hearing loss. 

3. In the Canal/ Ear ( ITC/E)

This next variety is sure a very famous and mostly chosen one. This model of the hearing aid doesn’t fit like the smaller devices and is generally visible to others outside. But this one helps in picking up more ambient sounds and is also included with other features like volume control, directionality, Bluetooth, etc. . This also can get affected by earwax clogging but has a longer shelf life with the hearing aid batteries. 

4. Behind the ear( BTE)

This type of aid is by far the most common among people. This is fully visible to others as it is attached to the back of the ear and could be used by people of any age and any intensity of hearing loss. The features and specialties included in this one are way more and better than in any other version and type. Rechargeable hearing aids in this category are very much available which increases the list of advantages of choosing this one among the others. The mini versions of this have been in the market as people prefer the sizing and aid to be just omnipresent. 

5. Receiver in canal (RIC)

This type of hearing aid is usually present behind the ear and the receiver component is situated within the canal. This is suitable for any age and is helpful with mild to moderate hearing loss. The visibility of the aid is much less when compared with the BTE, and also comes with rechargeable hearing aid versions. Unlike the other types, this one does have some manual control options for the betterment of the aid in totality. 

So these are the different available options when it comes to hearing aids. The precise analysis of your hearing ability and the need of the hour is what makes the best choice in the end. The different types of hearing aids and styles are suitable for each category of people and are often all customized to your particular need. How to choose the perfect one for yourself is the question to forage answers for now.

How to choose the perfect aid?

The choice of hearing aid is often difficult with the wide variety available which claims to solve and improve the condition for better. So there can be some ways in which you can decide which one to buy.

1. Doctor visit and recommendation

The visit to a doctor is the first and foremost thing to be done. The correct diagnosis and cause for the hearing loss have to be determined for you to decide on the hearing aid. This correct diagnosis will help in choosing the best one that improves your hearing loss condition. Your family doctor of yours will assess the situation and then might refer you to a specialist for further checking so that they can be clear about the condition.

2. An audiologist appointment

Nowadays an audiologist is the one that determines and helps in choosing a suitable hearing aid for you. The tests on your ear to determine the hearing loss are done and then all the options of hearing aids that can be the best for you are chosen. When this is done precisely the hearing improvement you feel is the utmost. All the tests and checkups will reveal the ultimate condition of the ear and hearing loss which can be the major criteria for choosing the aid for oneself.

3. Looking at the bigger picture

Be sure to look through the hearing aids in detail. Understand all the specifications they offer and how well this aid can meet your future requirements. Hearing loss has a tendency to get worsen in times to come, so the aid will be able to improve the quality of hearing even then or not is the component to be thought through. In the long run, will the aid be helpful for you and the hearing loss condition? This has to be thought through before you make a purchase. This will help in dealing with any extra expenses and will overall not burden you with money. 

4. Warranty

Check the warranty of the aids and how many services are included in it. Earwax clogging is a very common occurrence in hearing aid. The clinic visits could be covered in the warranty if the period extends for years. This when obtained can cover your expenses for any routine checks that have to be scheduled within the time frame and manage the expense.

5. Management of expenses

The entire cost of hearing aids depends on the intensity of hearing loss and all the features included in the aid. It is extremely important to plan the expenses accordingly so that every need of your ear is met and made better. Having a budget and maintaining the aid in the budget is the key to not adding more trouble to oneself.

These were the different guidelines to choose the best hearing aid for yourself. With multiple varieties available in the market, it is normal to feel confused. But the precise understanding of the ear, the hearing ability, and the aid in itself will help in, making the best possible decision for yourself. 

The important thing to be understood is that any type of hearing aid is not to completely fix your hearing, it is to help and improve your hearing. It might take a considerable amount of time to get used to something like this, but with time it will become an important component of your life. With different ambiances and environments, hearing aids could be different. So practicing using the hearing aids in these situations will make it better for your to acclimatize with the same.   

The hearing ability can be improved by wearing the aids every day taking routine checks on them and trying to get used to them. All these are sure to aid your hearing and improve the quality of your life.

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