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Managing Partner at Crystal

Vivek Iyer stands front in helping people resolve problems with his education. He is a young, techno-savvy and dynamic personality who is hardworking and flexible. From childhood, he was always eager to learn new things and technologies that drive the world. He is an enthusiastic learner also an Engineering Graduate from VESIT. He completed his Engineering studies during the year 1996-2000. The thirst for gaining knowledge did not come to an end. He strived to learn Master of Business Administration. He completed his MBA from a Premium Institute, K.J Somaya, from the year 2003 to 2006.

Learning did not stop there. But he started off to help people in this society. A genuine man who worked for resounding. His motto and mission are to help people who are struggling with difficulties. Education is best when it is used to help people. This was an anchor of belief for him.

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His visionary perspective helped him work for another hearing aid brand for almost four years, from 2002 to 2005. He is a person who wants to be successful and resourceful, providing profit to society. His hard work and dedication helped to take care of all India marketing and sales. He has always been a customer-friendly person.

Apart from his professional side, he has a great passion for playing chess, sketching, and music that makes his mind calm and peaceful, enabling him to work more. Hearing problems can happen to anyone but that should not deter the normal life. This has been his belief and the reason behind his success as Managing Partner at Crystal hearing solutions since 2005. The motto of service and good for the people provides him motivation to do more.

RAJIV LAKHANI stands out of the crowd with his exceptional smart mind and proactive character. He is both a hard worker and a smart worker, which helps him remain on track. He is a person with a sharp and smart business mind that always has a futuristic thought. He has been a kid with a great interest in learning things and nuances about business strategies from his childhood. He never stopped until bringing his dream into reality.

He strived, worked hard, and completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM-DLP) from the prestigious Welinkar Institute of Management Development & Research in 2011. His Post-Graduate would not have been possible without the fire of gaining knowledge that he acquired by completing his Diploma in Business Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) in the year 1998. From his childhood, he was very determined, which helped in completing his Bachelor in Science (Statistics) from Mumbai University in 1996.

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He has always been focused and clear about what he has to become. And he has always tried to shape himself for the better. Apart from business, he aimed at serving and helping people through his education and was a part of GN Resound, Hearing Aid manufacturers from Denmark, for around three years, from 2002 to 2005. He was also actively involved in expanding his family business which was related to manufacturing of commercial kitchen gas equipments for around 8 years.

His hobbies are playing Sports and Travelling. He is also a Rotarian and has served as Chartered President of Rotary Club for two years. He is a person with a compassionate heart and is always at the forefront to serve the unprivileged section of society. He is an exceptional personality whose motto is to provide world-class hearing solutions and after-sale service for the customers. His motto has been a strong guiding factor for Crystal Hearing Solutions since 2005 as Managing Partner.


Managing Partner at Crystal